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Why did we start the GoFundMe page?

There’s no doubt about it—Dr. Shannon Wiggins is a life-saver.

David Fineis suffered for a long time without knowing the cause of his pain. In 2007, he was referred to Dr. Wiggins. She reviewed his charts, researched his symptoms and ran new tests.
After compiling the data, Dr. Wiggins made a breakthrough.

David was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a successful operation. He woke up from the surgery to see Dr. Wiggins by his side. She went above and beyond to provide compassionate care.

Contact David now at 517-974-3792 to learn more about the effort to Put Dr. Shannon Wiggins Back to Saving Lives.

Finding a new doctor is hard

In 2014, hundreds of patients suddenly found themselves without their trusted doctor.
That’s what Put Dr. Shannon Wiggins Back to Saving Lives is all about. We want to help a dedicated physician serve our community again.

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Meet Dr. Shannon Wiggins

In addition to being an accomplished medical professional, Dr. Shannon Wiggins is a decent, caring person.

She worked hard to cure and comfort her patients during her 13 years of service as a licensed medical practitioner. Put Dr. Shannon Wiggins Back to Saving Lives aims to help Dr. Wiggins get reinstated in the medical profession.

Throughout her career, Shannon Wiggins received countless accolades for:

Taking the time to complete thorough examinations

Communicating clearly and answering patients’ questions

Returning test results quickly

Treating all kinds of medical conditions

You can help this experienced and dedicated doctor return to her calling. Reach out now to find out how you can show your support.